Dry Grocery

  • We've got salad dressings and oils. Pickles. BBQ Sauce. Canned tuna. Soups. Pasta. International foods. Rice, beans, and lentils. Granola. Cereal. Baby food. Almond milk. Coffee. Tea. Chocolate. Spices. Flours and baking products. Sugar and sugar-alternatives. Honey. Chips. Salsa. Popcorn. Crackers. Cookies. Water. Soda. Juice. Dried fruit. And so, so much more.
  • We may have some brands you don't recognize, but the quality and all-natural goodness is there. Keep an eye out for Cadia products. Cadia products are often organic (but not always), and always come with a high quality for a great price.
  • Gluten free? Look for our gluten free signs throughout the grocery department to signify shelves that contain gluten free products.