Community Room Terms of Use


Please read the entirety of this agreement, including the Policies/Rules section to answer common questions and ensure that we can welcome you back in the future.



This Agreement establishes the policies, terms, and conditions between Leg up Farmers Market and the Renter to reserve and use the community room located on the second floor of Leg Up Farmers Market, 3100 North George Street, York, PA 17406. Your payment or email confirmation for the room serves as an agreement to these terms.


The Community Room at Leg Up Farmers Market is provided as a service for use by members of our community, commercial organizations, Nonprofit community groups, and State and Local Government Agencies when not in use for Leg Up Farmers Market, Leg Up Farm, or Able Services affiliated or sponsored activities. Leg Up Farmers Market reserves the right to restrict, deny, or change usage (See below Statement of Authority). The community room is available for rental/use during the normal operating hours of Leg Up Farmers Market, Sunday – Saturday (every day) 9:00am – 6:30pm.

We provide this space at a moderate fee to cover maintenance of the room and its equipment. We do not have staff available to assist throughout your event. If you have questions or need minimal assistance with the room, please speak to Customer Service.


In order to maintain the equipment, cleanliness, and scheduling of the room, Leg Up Farmers Market requires a reasonable rental fee. The following defines our fee schedule, which is subject to change without notice:

Saturday & Sunday:

9:00am – 1:00pm slot: $100

2:00pm – 6:30pm slot: $100

Monday – Friday:

9:00am – 1:00pm slot: $50

2:00pm – 6:30pm slot: $50


If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we will provide the room to you at a 50% discount off total cost provided you send us proof of your non-profit status. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss this and attach your proof of non-profit status.

The room is rented on a first-come-first-serve basis. Payment serves as confirmation of your reservation and the requested slot will not be held until payment is completed.


Designated Leg Up Farmers Market personnel shall have the authority to approve, renew, or reject requests for use of the community room and facilities. Permission to use the community room will be denied to any organization and/or meeting: 

whose purpose or actions are illegal;

where a conflict of interest exists with the purpose and mission of Leg Up Farmers Market;

whose conduct would interfere with the proper functioning of Leg Up Farmers Market (examples of such conduct would include activities that produce excessive noise or that would require the use of a significant portion of available public parking);

who fail to notify Leg Up Farmers Market of cancellations of meetings on two (2) or more occasions;

who fail to follow these policies, terms, and conditions.



Alcohol is permitted in the room on a BYOB basis as long as it does not create a disruptive environment.

Catering is available through the Deli, Bakery, and Coffee & Juice bar.

Food and beverages may be purchased from the store and prepared in the community room.

The kitchen may not be used for purposes of food production for commercial and resale use.

While we greatly appreciate you utilizing our variety of catering, lunch, dessert, and other food options when using the Community Room, outside food is permitted.



Before accessing the Community Room, you must check in with one of our Cashiers.

Community room is not available before 9:00am.

Community room must be vacated no later than 1:00pm or 6:30pm respective to your reserved slot.

Your reserved time slot includes your setup and cleaning time. No buffer time is assumed.

We strongly encourage you to communicate to your attendees that the event is at Leg Up Farmers Market (3100 N George St), not Leg Up Farm (our therapy center for children with special needs). 

Smoking is not permitted in the room or anywhere on the property of Leg Up Farmers Market.

The general room capacity is approximately 50, however, depending on set up, the room may accommodate more or less.

No open flames such as candles are permitted.

Arrangement of furniture and setting-up of furniture is to be done by the group or persons using the room. Each organization and persons using the room shall be responsible for cleaning up and placing all tables, chairs, and other furniture in storage area before leaving in order to leave the room as found or as requested by Leg Up Farmers Market staff. Costs for restoring condition of room will be automatically billed at a minimum rate of an additional $50.00 an hour to organization or persons (for example, putting away chairs or cleaning coffee or food spills). 

Approximately 8 tables and 50 chairs are provided for your use in the room, as well as a fully functional kitchen.

Painting events are required to cover all floor and furniture which could be damaged. All paint spills or spots must be cleaned up. If this not done, the renter will be charged for the additional required cleaning and lose access to the room.

Groups or individuals must provide their own supplies such as paper products, tablecloths, office supplies, etc.

Any item left behind by the renting party will become property of Leg Up Farmers Market.

Nothing may be affixed or mounted in any way to the walls of the community room. 

Be aware that one window in the community is equipped with a fire door that will automatically drop in the event of a fire and/or power outage. For your safety, do not sit on or store any items in the area of the windowsill. This area is designated by signage.



Leg Up Farmers Market does not provide audio visual equipment, and such items are the responsibility of the renter. There is a blank wall that can be used as a screen if you bring a projector.


If a scheduled meeting is canceled, the applicant must inform Leg Up Farmers Market within two weeks of the meeting or event. Renter is responsible for notifying any event attendees of cancellation. Failure to notify Leg Up Farmers Market within 14 days of the event will result in a forfeit of the room deposit. Furthermore, continued failure to notify Leg Up Farmers Market within the requested time on two (2) or more occasions may result in loss of future community room privileges. Notifying Leg Up Farmers Market of cancellations ensures that other groups or organizations have access to the meeting room.


Leg Up Farmers Market and RENTER agree that all activity pursuant to this Agreement will be in accordance with all the applicable current federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.


Leg Up Farmers Market warrants and represents that as a place of public accommodation, it is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all federal, state, and local fire safety and health code laws and ordinances in force at the time of the meeting. Please note, due to the kitchen equipment’s intended use for demonstration, it is not ADA accessible. 


Your payment or email confirmation for the room serves as an agreement to these terms.